My love for music started as a child when I heard Bach´s Brandenburg concerto for organ from the TV for the first time. It struck me like a lightning – or was it enlightenment? I started to play guitar at age of 9. I just took my sisters acoustic guitar and started to play. I didn’t know even how to tune it, but anyway I managed create melodies. At the age of 11 Iron Maiden caught my ears and heart and inspired me to take guitar lessons and so I learned how to tune a guitar and little bit more.

In the 80’s I and my friends formed a heavy metal band called Shrine. I wrote all the songs for Shrine. Those were colorful and golden days. In a beginning of 90´s I fell love with progressive rock (Yes, ELP & co) and I’m still in love! I bought my first PC in -94 and started to make electronic progressive music. After few years I set up a progressive and psychedelic band called Lotus and again I was the song writer. We did one album including also my electronic music. A review of Lotus – The Totuus album you can be read here >>>

During the 90`s I was also part of the rock `n roll band called Sininen Hevonen (Blue Horse). I was the singer of the band and I wrote most of the songs. Since 2000 I have concentrated on electronic progressive music and ambient. My idols are: Isao Tomita, Tangerine dream, Frank Zappa´s Synklavier- stuff. I also like sounds of techno. Over all decades I have kept my love for classical music, especially 1900´s, like Sibelius, Stravinsky and Shostakovich.

I have played many gigs with bands and some gigs just by myself. I am always ready – well I was a scout in my childhood and as you know ”be prepared” is their motto. I am not a child anymore, but I´m not an adult either. Perhaps that´s why children love my music. They are so open minded and have no boundaries. Are you open minded enough to flow with my music?


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